The Importance of a Physician Employment Contract

The physician employment contract is a legal document between the physicians who wish to be employed at some institution and the organization which desires to employ him. It is usually drawn up by the organization offering employment to the physician. Reviewing the document will require the help of a legal professional to ensure that it fits his/her own requirements from his/her profession as well as his/her long term career goals.

The written word forces a plain and unambiguous statement of duties and responsibilities and liabilities on both the employee and employer’s sides. The employer spends quite some money and effort in recruiting a physician so a written contract allows them to enjoy some confidence that the recruited professionals are committed to this employment relationship. Similarly for the employee too it guarantees a certain degree of peace of mind because depending upon this contract he makes certain decisions like relocation etc. and by the terms of the written agreement he can be sure that his employment would not be canceled at will.

The effective control of the employer in the employment relationship and the balance of power in it is effectively spelled out in the physician employment contract and it allows both parties to negotiate it to a comfort level for both.

The documentation of the contract in the written form also allows both parties to ensure that they would not have to remember all the details many years down the line. In case of any litigation or other requirement the written agreement would suffice as the groundwork of the promise between the two parties.

As time passes relationships may alter and thus cause disputes regarding issues of duty, compensation, employment status, and other matters. These cases can be efficiently handled by the legal advisers of both parties based on the clauses of the physician employment contract.

The written agreement also allows both parties to negotiate a deal that is comfortable to both. In fact some of the articles in the contract are actually there to be negotiated to fit the needs of specialty service providers and therefore must be identified and discussed fully. Any denial to discuss should raise a red flag in the minds of the other party, especially for employees.

In other words, a written physician employment contract is not only a safe guard against future problems but it also helps to weed out any discrepancies right at the beginning smoothing out the path for both employee and employer.

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